Spring Shrubs and All the Trimmings

You can't beat Spring in Chesterfield. While every season has its charms, the argument for Spring is especially strong. Though the season seems to go by too quickly, we love the growing plants and the moderate weather, even if the pollen can get thick. As landscapers, we take advantage of that weather to care for your plants at a time that's easier on them (not to mention our guys). Shrub trimming is one of those vital landscaping tasks. Clippers trimming a shrubWhat Makes Shrubs, Shrubs? (Shrug) Before we go, let's get a definition out of the way. What makes a shrub a shrub? Many of us know shrubs if we see them, but what makes them different than a tree, bush, or hedge? It would be easy to think of shrubs as tall trees. After all, most shrubs are on the shorter side and share many of the trees' other qualities. But the thing that makes them different is their trunks or stems. Trees have one central trunk, and shrubs have multiple stems. Therefore, we can use shrub trimming to shape your shrubs to appear like trees. It just means eliminating stumps and cutting into the shape of a tree. Yeah, but What About Bushes? Bushes aren't really any different than shrubs. What sets them apart is their location. A shrub is a bush in a place where you want it! You could say that shrubs are bushes' domestic counterparts. And hedges are just one of many ways to trim a shrub - specifically into a fence-like border or barrier. Topiaries are another. Shucks, Shrubs, You're Swell At EKG, we're big fans of shrubs. They may not be as showy as flowers or as mighty as trees, but they have a charm and resilience of their own that few plants can match. For one thing, many shrubs are evergreen. Often in the winter, they're the only green (or any color) you have in your landscape. And while they may not be true now when your yard has an embarrassment of riches, they still act as an anchor to the rest of your yard. The Middle Ground In addition to shrubs standing as Winter stalwarts, they also hold the middle space in your landscape. The trees have the sky, the grass has the ground, and the shrubs handle the center. Landscape designers understand the importance of vertical interest and contrast. Shrubs fill that middle space for vertical interest, so your landscape can have a skyline effect of going up and down. Some Shrubs So Showy Too While many shrubs come in the evergreen variety, you can also find species that fill other needs. Lilac, Butterfly Bushes, and Crepe Myrtles are just some of the stunning shrub varieties that beautify our area. Most are perennial, so you don't need to start from scratch yearly! Ok, So You Know Shrubs Are Great…Now What? If you didn't come into this blog knowing that shrubs are terrific, you are now better informed. But what does that mean to you now as you segue between Spring and Summer? What do your shrubs need? Shrub Trimming and Pruning Now is an excellent time for us to perform your shrub trimming and pruning. When the weather is mild, your shrubs are less likely to experience shock after grooming. In addition, right now, it's easy to tell if any of your plants were damaged during the winter, so pruning off those damaged parts is a simple step. Secondly, Spring is a season of growth. Trimming stimulates that growth; pruning allows your plants to focus their energy on the needed parts instead of wasting it on features that will not survive. Worker trimming a shrub What is the Difference Between Trimming and Pruning? We've hinted at the difference between pruning and trimming your shrubs above, but unless you are very familiar with landscaping, it could be easy to miss. Pruning is the targeted removal of sick, dead, diseased, or otherwise undesirable plant parts. Trimming is more general. Shrub trimming is the cutting off of the ends of the branches of your shrubs. While it has positive health effects (such as growth stimulation), trimming is often a primarily aesthetic exercise. We trim to make our shrubs pretty or even to create specific shapes. Let EKG Take the Pulse on Your Shrub Health We hope this Spring you're taking the time to stop and smell the flowers (on shrubs or in the ground). But, if life has been too hectic for that, call the pros at EKG to treat your landscape, shrub trimming, and all with heartfelt care!