Are you Letting Your Lawn Breathe?

Healthy lawn after aeration servicesOften overlooked by homeowners who may need to prioritize lawn care and maintenance, aeration is a beneficial maintenance process that creates small holes in the soil to improve the overall health of the lawn. Simply breaking up hardened and compacted soil to improve vitality is remarkable, allowing air and water to pass through it easily. If your lawn or landscape is visually suffering from the effects of unhealthy soil, our experts recommend a solution under the surface. Have EKG take a good look at your lawn to improve the health of the entire landscape. From lawn maintenance to plant installs, keep your yard as healthy as it is beautiful with our services. Why Are Aeration Services Important? Lawn maintenance can get tedious, especially requiring extra care and attention. Over time, the soil becomes worn down and compacted due to lots of foot or vehicle traffic, outdoor activities, and inclement weather. This frequent pressure on the lawn collapses the air pockets within the soil, restricting the ability for water and nutrients to penetrate the roots properly. Aeration comes in to loosen and break up the stubborn soil by puncturing several holes deep into the landscape, followed by overseeding grass areas that may need gaps. Homeowners can also appreciate the benefits of aeration. A few examples are: Promote Root Growth: All the necessary water and oxygen can now penetrate the soil, and the deeper these roots go, the stronger the lawn. Reduce Thatch Buildup: Thatch is the layer of wilted organic matter which can block nutrient absorption. Better Water Infiltration: Compacted soil can result in puddling and overflowed lawns in some places due to poor drainage. The holes created by aeration make channels that allow water to penetrate deep into the soil and better absorb. Greater Nutrient Absorption: To encourage proper grass growth, nutrients need to penetrate the soil to be absorbed. Aeration is also important for homeowners who want a beautiful, green lawn that attracts all eyes. You can achieve a healthy lawn while making sure it looks its best. Benefits of Summer Aeration It's important to note that aeration services can be conducted year-round because they are necessary for dealing with the soil. If you are considering aeration services during the summer, you may be in luck—depending on the soil or grass you have in your yard, the warmer season will work better during lawn maintenance. Those who have warm-season grass should expect to aerate their lawns during the beginning of summer. Before and after aeration Why Professional Services Matter You may ask yourself, how hard is it to carve a few holes into the soil? The answer is that it is a simple process, but soil management is better when professionals handle it. DIY lawn services can also cost extra money in the long run if unnoticed damage occurs. Timing is an important factor in the aeration and overseeding process for lawns. Without factoring in the best time to conduct this maintenance on your lawn, it may not be as effective as it would be at the right time—it is not recommended to conduct many aeration services during the middle of summer—early summer, late spring, or fall are ideal. With specialized equipment such as spikes that perfectly set holes into the soil, experts can provide your lawn with the best service possible. Post-Aeration Care After aeration, the lawn should be watered completely and added in seeding. To improve the soil over time, placing top dressing can improve the soil structure. Consider organic matter, compost, or even mulch around plant areas. It is always a good idea to get ahead on planning for long-term lawn health even after a maintenance service. Following up with regular watering to improve seed germination and grass growth.